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Exploratory Committee of the People In brief the Exploratory Committee of the People's objective is to bridge the gap collectively in unity & harmony. We represent the voices of a wide variety of issues, concerns and causes, i.e. community, political, human rights, justice, labor, education and etc... Collectively, meaning we understand there's an array of groups and issues with missions and visions. We seek to bring these issues together as a collaborative voice to increase the overall exposure, under one umbrella. Now, to be clear this in no way takes away from any one group or cause, it's a platform of unity. Our collective will count as an overall block together. Thereby, amplifying the overall presence for each group and the overall group "Exploratory Committee of the People". As apart of this process we ask that you spread the news across your networks, all of us cross promote each other, and "LIKE" the Facebook "Exploratory Committee 2012 Election" link associated with this ongoing Facebook Event. Thank you, and Have a Blessed & Peaceful Day...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Welcome to the "Exploratory Committee for the People"

Welcome to the "Exploratory Committee for the People", we extend the opportunity for you to Join us, in spreading the news of groups and causes working in unity & harmony.  So, stay tuned to our Blog, Radio Shows, Facebook, Twitter, and so much more...

Welcome to the "Exploratory Committee for the People" Snap Shot:
The "Exploratory Committee for the People" was created to conduct investigations and collect data on a National level. The data will allow our National Chairs an opportunity to sit at various Tables with US Departments heads.

Our goal is to generate public involvement and awareness thus, allowing our National Chairs to speak on behalf of the nations concerns. We are seeking State and County chairs to obtain the data in throughout the states.  This will empower and assist the National Chairs deliver these issues in an accurate, and concise presentation at the National Level.  

SDC Community Coalition with Host Walter Davis, interviews Dr. Shirley Moore Radio Host, Attorney, and "Exploratory Committee of the People"` National Chair:

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